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Developing an Agile Mindset Is the Highest Priority in Any Agile Transformation Initiative

Developing an Agile Mindset Is the Highest Priority in Any Agile Transformation Initiative

Agile is not a methodology, but a mindset instead. If you have been looking for agile transformation and implementing it just as a methodology, the probability is high that you might not see the right results.

In order to bring about a true agile transformation in your organization, you don’t only need to implement certain agile processes. But work on developing a proper mindset in your team and organization. Let’s see what an agile mindset is.

What Is An Agile Mindset?

Simply put, agile is not just about standup meetings and sprints. Agile instead is a preset mindset. Mindset to be flexible, and deliver quality work to the respective client, no matter what!

An agile mindset depicts flexibility in every task. The way the team responds to a certain situation, and deliver value to the client in small iterations as fast as possible to fetch continuous feedback, is a part of an agile mindset.

An agile mindset focuses not just on the completion of the task. It lays more emphasis on the value a certain task is going to bring to the end users. And so, this is the reason why agile is based on receiving continuous constructive feedback. The smaller these feedback cycles (or iterations or sprints) are, the better team will be able to track the progress and respond to the situation.

Communication plays an important role in an agile team. And so, all agile methodologies whether they be scrum or extreme programming (XP) are based on proper communication and flexibility, all of which help your team to become agile.

It is very important to develop a proper agile mindset in the team and organization on the whole to undergo a true agile transformation. Surely, teams can practice agile without adopting the agile mindset. But it is only with the right mindset that your teams would be able to deliver top-notch and amazing results to your clients and customers.

Companies are looking forward to better ways and technologies to improve their productivity and efficiency. This is how a group of agile experts joined hands in bringing together the Agile Manifesto way back in 2001.

How Can You Achieve An Agile Mindset?

It is not a cake walk to achieve an agile mindset. All you need to have is the proper understanding of the concept behind agility. When it comes to an organization or a company, the agile mindset can be achieved only by teamwork and by making it a habit to be flexible in every situation. It requires an overall cultural change within the company. This can be done in a team by taking its practical resultant into consideration.

It is highly recommended that senior management conduct proper training which would educate the employees regarding what being agile is in its true sense. This will help the team and the organization, on the whole, to become agile, be flexible and learn to respond in every situation instead of reacting.

Here are a few practices that you can adopt in order to develop an agile mindset:

  • Have a clear understanding of the working of agile
  • Understand the working scope of agile
  • Take small steps
  • Bring about agile transformation in the top management
  • Overcome the barriers to agile

Your Turn

With that being said, it is evident that agile transformation by adopting the agile mindset can boost your productivity. It can enhance your team’s efficiency and further, improve the customer satisfaction.

How soon are you adopting an agile mindset and what practices did you adopt to bring about a transformation? Do let us know in the comments.