Agile and Scrum Onsite Corporate Training

Welcome to the world of Agile Training

Customized training to meet your organization’s agile needs at your office location with your colleagues!

We at AgileTraining.Co strives to deliver the most flexible and cost-effective ways to train as many or as few employees of your organization on Agile best practices. We aim to make these onsite sessions available at any of your locations in North America.
We also conduct targeted custom workshops that will meet your organization’s specific needs to follow the Agile best practices by both technical teams as well as business stakeholders.

At a fundamental level, our training and workshops objectives are to:

  • Understand and facilitate the cultural shift necessary to accelerate the effective adoption of Agile and Scrum.
  • Socialize Agile and Scrum concepts and help team members achieve necessary Scrum certification.
  • Emphasis on areas that are most directly applicable to your organization’s current needs.
  • Train the entire team minimizing both scheduling challenges and also the expense and hassle of out of town travel.

* You have the choice of Standard Certification programs or create your own Custom Program.


Standard Certification Program

Our experienced instructors can tailor the curriculum to ensure optimal implementation of the Agile practices at your organization. We offer the following certification programs as part of the onsite/private training:

  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) – As part of our Integrated Scrum Course
  • Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC™) – As part of our Integrated Scrum Course
  • Agile master Certified (AMC™)
  • Leading SAFe Agilist (SA) 4.5 from Scaled Agile
  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)
  • SAFe for Teams
  • SAFe PO/PM

Though we keep most of the standard and important part of training content intact, we try to incorporate many interactive hands-on exercises, case-studies, ceremonies, scenarios that are more suitable for your environment. This will ensure that attendees are able to implement Agile practices in their day to day work immediately after the training.

Custom workshops and Training Programs

Adoption of Agile in any organization can be challenging at times. We offer custom workshops and training programs, where we identify unique barriers and roadblocks that your company might be facing while implementing Agile practices and try to improve through these workshops. Some impeding factors such as team collaboration, synchronization issues, multi-team dependencies may not be easily identifiable until you get expert advice.

We follow the below-mentioned approach to customizing the training program,

  • Research about the teams and the projects that they are working on.
  • Do the groundwork for the impediments and roadblocks in the ongoing project.
  • Work-based on team needs in designing an appropriate training program or area of focus for your team.
  • Take feedback prior to the event and customize the case-studies accordingly.
  • Propose guidance in approaching issues and any unforeseen situations in the agile world.

Note: we can also do follow-up via video conference or phone call with your key employees to help clarify any open questions that come up post workshop and training.

Below are the few Workshop titles that we can organize:

  • Business Agile workshop for managers and other stakeholders.
  • Scaling Agile for large projects.
  • Agile software development practices and underlying principles.
  • Alignment of corporate goals with project team deliverables
  • Provide practical knowledge of the entire Scrum framework, including; vision, Release planning, Agile requirements, Agile Estimation, Sprints.
  • Continuous Integration and how to work together as a team with a common enterprise goal.
  • Test-Driven development.
  • Understand and practice (using case studies and real-time project scenarios) all major steps required to start a software product development process and able to continuously deliver value.
  • Product backlog grooming and prioritization techniques.
  • Team retrospective facilitation and various cool techniques to make it more interesting for the team members.

Here are some of the big companies and Government agencies where we have provided Onsite Private Sessions: 

Management Seminar

Today organizations are looking for true transformational leadership. Leaders who can inspire others to change for good. can host onsite or offsite seminar for company leadership team to provide the complete understanding of Agile principles and tools needed to make necessary Agile transformation and implement its best practices. The goal is to see your team delivering more business value in less time.

In these half-day seminars, we will introduce the basic concept of Agile and examine various management aspects including communications, stakeholder engagement, risk management, manage constantly changing goals and other environmental factors.

Note: Contact us today for a group discount. We offer a special price on our onsite training programs based on the volume of your team.