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Being Agile is an attitude

At AgileTraining.co

We make Agile adoption easy for Organizations by changing the way Agile training is delivered.

Our Training Model

We promote “L.T.E” training model, L.T.E stands for Learn, Test, and Execute

  • Learn with proven training materials, techniques, and real-world examples.
  • Test your knowledge and get certified, we help you to get there.
  • Execute all the Agile principles and best practices at your organization.

Why Choose AgileTraining.co?

Tie up with well-known agencies like SCRUMstudy and Scaled Agile

Proven results with guaranteed workforce optimization

Bringing together people, process, and technology through our Agile coaching

We believe that value is always a function of time and context. What is value to you today may not be of value to you tomorrow! So, AgileTraining.Co will go above and beyond to empower our students with Agile best practices and make each step of the process simple and easy.
In this disruptive market, it could be challenging to keep up with frequently changing customer needs. Our training programs are focused on the following,

  • How to reduce throw-away work by various prioritization techniques in an environment where customer needs are ever-changing.
  • How to bring work to the people rather than throwing people at work.
  • How to bring people, process, and technology together to build a consumer-friendly software or tool with the utmost quality.

If you are a professional with a passion for implementing change through people, process and technology, choose us to know more about how to bring these three things together optimally. Adoption of Agile principles and best practices can be challenging, but our experienced instructors assure a seamless adoption of it for your company.

Introduction to our Chief Agile Trainer

GourabNandaAll training programs are led by Certified Agile Trainer and Scrum Coach, Gourab Nanda. Gourab is SAFe Program certified (SPC4) by Scaled Agile. He has been providing training in Agile and Scrum for over 6 years through open and corporate classes. During this time period, Gourab has conducted hundreds of open and corporate classes at various companies and trained close to a couple of thousand IT and business professionals in Scrum and Agile. Gourab’s unique teaching style has established him as a leading Agile coach and got him hundreds of positive testimonials from his students.

After 10 years of technology and management experience in various industries, Gourab has been also a technology entrepreneur since 2006. His extreme passion for managing software and product development has inspired him to become an agile trainer and coach. Gourab believes, “Agile is the best thing that could have happened to the software industry”. After successfully founding and selling his first startup, MyBusinessAssistant, Gourab is currently the founder and CEO of his second venture VendorFit ( VendorFit.com ). VendorFit is the first B2b technology search engine connecting technology buyers and vendors. Gourab practices Agile methods in his own company and currently resides in the Washington DC metro area.

What companies are saying about our Agile Programs

An Ag­ile Ex­pert Cer­ti­fied Train­ing class was re­cently con­ducted here at the USPS Wilkes-Barre So­lu­tions Cen­ter in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  The train­ing was a three-day class con­ducted from 04-20-15 through 04-22-15. Our class con­sisted of 16 em­ploy­ees, most were de­vel­op­ers, a few Busi­ness Sys­tems An­a­lysts, and two Busi­ness Pro­ject Lead­ers.  The 16 stu­dents came to class with an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent Ag­ile back­grounds, some with very lit­tle Ag­ile ex­pe­ri­ence or ex­po­sure. Af­ter he dis­cov­ered that the stu­dents were of vary­ing de­grees of the un­der­stand­ing of Ag­ile, Gourab es­sen­tially re­struc­tured the class to en­sure that each stu­dent was able to re­ceive the max­i­mum ben­e­fit of the three-day class. The Ag­ile in­struc­tor Gourab Nanda did a re­ally fine job in­struct­ing the class was given the vary­ing Ag­ile back­grounds of the class.  The stu­dents were kept quite busy dur­ing all three days.  All 16 stu­dents fur­nished me with ver­bal high words of praise for Gourab.  I would state that given the com­ments that I re­ceived from the stu­dents and Gourab that the three-day class was in­deed very suc­cess­ful.

I would per­son­ally rec­om­mend Gourab to teach Ag­ile Cer­ti­fied Train­ing to all of the USPS So­lu­tion Cen­ters or any Cor­po­ra­tion uti­liz­ing the Ag­ile Ex­pert Cer­ti­fied Method­olo­gies.

John P. Vetashick
Technology Training Specialist, USPS

I wanted to thank you for the ex­tremely suc­cess­ful train­ing ses­sions.  Your classes have caused a lot of ex­cite­ment at all lev­els within Far­ragut.  The teams are al­ready im­ple­ment­ing good changes for the cor­rect rea­sons.  The teams have a new un­der­stand­ing of why and have a new sense of au­ton­omy.

Sean Klein
Development Manager, Farragut Systems

Tak­ing the Scrum Mas­ter train­ing was a great ex­pe­ri­ence that al­lowed my team and oth­ers in our or­ga­ni­za­tion to learn the fun­da­men­tal of the Scrum/Ag­ile method­ol­ogy. This course was very in­ter­ac­tive and the in­struc­tor was very en­gaged in un­der­stand­ing our or­ga­ni­za­tion’s needs. Over­all I would rec­om­mend this course to any­one that is in­ter­ested in learn­ing and ap­ply­ing these con­cepts in their daily work.

Brandon Dineff
Sr. Manager, Software Engineering Group at Philips

More Students Reviews

Popular Quotes by Gourab on Agile

  • Ag­ile or Agility has noth­ing to do with the tech­nol­ogy. But if you are a tech­nol­ogy pro­fes­sional you bet­ter be an ag­ile per­son.
  • Value is al­ways a func­tion of time and con­text. What is value to you to­day may not be of value to you to­mor­row!
  • A fin­ished prod­uct is a dead prod­uct.
  • Don’t try to be­come ag­ile. Just stop be­ing rigid.
  • Bet­ter the train­ing, eas­ier the coach­ing.
  • De­liv­er­ing value is first a per­sonal agenda.
  • Your prod­uct is as ag­ile as your prod­uct man­ager.
  • There is noth­ing called an ag­ile process. There are only ag­ile peo­ple. The processes, like Scrum, that we call ag­ile is only to cre­ate an en­vi­ron­ment where a team can be­come more and more ag­ile.
  • Every com­pany is ag­ile to some ex­tent.  We are only work­ing to­wards im­prov­ing our agility. There is noth­ing called 100% ag­ile.


Clients and Government agencies where we have provided our training sessions:


I wanted to thank you for the extremely successful training sessions.  Your classes have caused a lot of excitement at all levels within Farragut.  The teams are already implementing good changes for the correct reasons.  The teams have a new understanding of why and have a new sense of autonomy.

Sean Klein | Development Manager, Farragut Systems | Raleigh, NC

Taking the Scrum Master training was a great experience that allowed my team and others in our organization to learn the fundamental of the Scrum/Agile methodology. This course was very interactive and the instructor was very engaged in understanding our organization’s needs. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning and applying these concepts in their daily work.

Brandon Dineff | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I like the rate at which the class was taught. I like training material. The teacher was very knowledgeable.

Reniece Perry | SAIC | Washington, DC

Very, interactive, interesting, instructor knowledgeable.

Bolarinna Oreagba | SAIC | Reston, VA

Very, interactive, interesting, instructor knowledgeable.

Bolarinna Oreagba | SAIC | Reston, VA

Applying techniques learned in the course to an actual release for our team.

Matt Peoples | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Superb, easy to understand and very clear explanations. He has a vast amount of experience. It would be awesome if we spent more time together.

Erick Ramirez | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Interactive, used real examples, answered questions, allowed for open discussions. Ensure everyone has some foundation/experiences prior to taking the course.

Victor Bias | Bank of America | New York City, NY

This is an excellent training program to cover basic knowledge about agile/scrum project management.

Vijay Kumar | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Gourab was very knowledgeable and open to questions. He provided good examples and ample support for the methods and techniques for the methods he was teaching.

Tyron  Alston | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

There was a lot of quality content. I feel like I learned a lot.

Taylor  Griffin | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Liked the format. It was helpful to have discussions with the full team and have everyone so through the process. Discussion at hand was helpful.

Jennifer Zin | Farragut | Raleigh, NC

Gourab related the materials to our workplace and made things easy to understand. Great course. Good mix of interactive and lecture components.

Alana Lombardi | American Express | New York City, NY

Very Interactive. Instructor assisted us to relate Scrum to our everyday roles.

Kim Milazzo | American Express | New York City, NY

Very interactive, instructor open to discussion of new ideas and adaption to our needs. Up-front investment of instructor (before class) in specific needs of the company would have been helpful.

Heather Ressler | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The content was very good. The material is easy to follow. The quizzes are helpful to reinforce the teachings and stimulate discussions to ensure a good understanding of concepts. Perhaps a type of course tailored to the needs of embedded systems should be considered.

Mark McDermott | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Official training for mythology we’ve attempted to use in the past. Were able to use our project for the case study, which made the class much more applicable and relevant.

Michael Kissel | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

It was engaging! Learned that embedded agile is different than enterprise software.

Michael Niesslein | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I liked the instructor’s expertise on the subjects and the examples.

Ivica Eftimovski | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Very straightforward. Liked the hands-on portion, it was helpful. Maybe some more detail around planning meetings, like how to best start a project.

Ian Miller | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

It was really well put together, followed a logical, easy to follow the flow and the instructor was very good.

Fabrianne Walker | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

I liked the demo using a grocery store. Helped solidify SCRUM methodology.

Adam Caruso | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The case study was very insightful and it helped to see Agile scrum in action.

Robert Weaver | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The pace, sequence, quiz and the approach were all very good.

Ryan T. Kasun | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

The presenter had good presentation skills. Hands-on activity was useful. Explain how to run the activity. We wasted some time trying to determine was in the activity.

Mark Smorul | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA

Good engagement with class; liked that it was interactive and not just lecturing over slides. Liked the Q&A Scrum Board used to ensure questions get answered. The case study was good to walk through the steps of the scrum.

Scott Jackson | Philips | Pittsburgh, PA